Since 2010, we've helped many kids and their families, funded innovative research that can be directly applied to helping kids, and spread awareness - thanks to supporters like you. Let's keep it going! Learn How to Help.

Our Annual Plan

Since 2010, this is how we distrbute funds and focus on awareness-building:

Funds Distribution:

  • Research: 50%. Primary recipient: Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center - Olson Lab that focuses on rare childhood cancers.
  • Patient Services: 20%. Primary recipients: Providence Pediatric Hospice, Seattle Children's Hospital
  • Family Support: 20%. Primary recipients: we help several families per year from anywhere in the United States.
  • Operational Costs: 10%, including technology, office expenses, website, salaries, social media awareness products (eg. t-shirts, hats, wristbands) and salaries.

Annual Outreach Goals:

  • Increase membership (newsletter subscriptions) and outreach each year
  • Events focused on kids
  • Promote Childhood Cancer Awareness Month / Gold Ribbon (September)
  • Media coverage: Ad and media coverage whenever possible
  • Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, blog
  • Promotional items available via online store

      kids We've Helped

      In the past few years, we've assisted 8 families whose lives have been upended since the diagnosis of childhood cancer. Here are a few examples:


      Emilia in treatment.

      Emilia in treatment.

      About Emilia: 6 year old Emilia was diagnosed with an aggressive, cancerous brain tumor in June 2011, in Richland, WA. Only part of her tumor could be removed, keeping her in the hospital, away from home for weeks. Her father's taken an enormous amount of time off work, and her mother quit work to take care of Emilia.

      What BGF did with your support: Thanks to everyone who stood up for Emilia, we were able to help get her and her family to Houston for treatment.  Emilia was also able to attend our annual golf event and help us with the raffle.


      Ismael & his family benefitted from ramps to help transport him. These are the types of things most of us take for granted ever day.

      Ismael & his family benefitted from ramps to help transport him. These are the types of things most of us take for granted ever day.

      About Ismael: Before Ismael was diagnosed he was that able and happy 4 year old. Ismael was then in a wheel chair due to the deficits from his treatment for cancer. 

      In order to improve his chances of surviving, his cancer the doctors had to be aggressive in treating his cancer.  The price Ismael had to pay for that were high. 

      The reason doctors have to be so aggressive is that treating children with cancer is NOT the same as an adult.  Doctors are treating new and developing cells in a child, whereas in an adult, cells are mature and can be spared.

      What BGF did with your support: We were so pleased to be able to purchase ramps ramps for Ismael.  He was on a vent and trying to move him and the chair and vent was hard and dangerous.


      About Abdoulaye: BGF helped to support teenager Abdoulaye and his family. Abdoulaye was diagnosed with Nasapharygeal Carcinoma in July 2012, 2 months prior to starting high school. Abdoulaye's cancer is very rare in children, but more common in adults.

      When BGF met Abdoulayes mother, Safia, we were so touched by her love for her son and her relentless efforts to get him well.  What we didn't know is that the family is originally from Cameroon. Safia had fled Africa to set up a better life for her children. She worked so hard to gain citizenship and become certified to be a nurse. She then had her children sent here to be with her. 

      What BGF did with your support: We helped provide financial and emotional support. After Abdul had finished the majority of his initial treatment, unfortunately a new tumor emerged.

      Research Funding We've Provided

      We donate $1600 to $3000 per month to the Olson Cancer Research lab at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

      Organizations We've Supported

      Our Finding Treasures Thrift & Antique Store increased business by 28%

      We supported the creation of Lady Bug House, first Hospice for children in Washington state!Supporting the creation of Lady Bug House, first Hospice for children in Washington state!