Brandon wanted everyone to support amazing research that's saving children's lives. He wanted to support other kids and their families trying desperately to hold it all together in the traumatic experience of childhood cancer. He wanted everyone to become aware of childhood cancer and that it could happen to anyone. You can make a donation of any amount today in his honor. 

What we do with your donations

Each donation is received with great appreciation, and appropriated to the people or organizations requiring the most need at the time. We are proud to have very low operation and staff costs, as our foundation is mostly run by dedicated volunteers.

When you Donate to the Brandon's Goal Foundation, you can rest assured that you are supporting things that will really make a difference for kids with cancer. Our operational overhead is extremely low, and we have demonstrated our commitment to this cause for many years.

Here are the 3 categories of support we provide - Research, Patient Service / Family Support, and Awareness.

1. Research

Most research specific to the unique issues of childhood cancer is privately funded. This is because the US government allocates less than 4% of its cancer research budget on child-specific cancers and issues. Most of the research funds that we raise go to the world-renowned Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center / Dr. Jim Olson's lab. This lab works on childhood cancers to help find better treatments, and someday, a cure.

  • In 2010, Brandon's brain tissue was donated to Dr. Jim Olson's lab.
  • We have given funds that directly impact research. View our Real Results page for more information. 

2. Patient Services / Family Support

Finding out your child has cancer is incredibly frightening and overwhelming. We help families who are scared or in need that directly seek our support, as well as children's hospitals and pediatric hospices. Here are a few examples of families and organizations that we've helped support since 2010:

  • Direct to Families Meet the Kids
  • Children's Hospital Seattle
  • Providence Hospisce
  • Camp Korey

3. Awareness

Everyone knows the sad fact that kids get cancer, but many people are not aware of the harsh realities and injustice in funding research for unique childhood cancer issues. Frankly, people don't like to think about it much. But we want to change that. There are several easy, empowering ways that anyone at any age can help out, including the simple act of Liking our Facebook page or subscribing to our newsletter. More sharing and awareness turns into more funds to researchers, families in need and supporting organizations.

Donation Options

1) Online one-time donations are currently on hold at this time. Please donate via check instead. Make your check payable to the Brandon's Goal Foundation, and mail to: Brandon's Goal Foundation, 19820 40th Ave W #118, Lynnwood, WA 98036. Donate in honor or memory of someone, or for a birthday, anniversary, holiday girt, or anything! Provide us with the name, a note and their address, and we will mail a card to them for you.

2) Shop at Finding Treasures Thrift & Antique Store, or donate your goods for us to sell.

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